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  10. noobcracker02

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  11. ZacharyPeank

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  12. Blackhat

    Whapa v1.14 - WhatsApp Parser Toolset is an android whatsapp database parser which automates the process and presents the data handled by the Sqlite database in a way that is comprehensible to the analyst. If you copy the "wa.db" database into the same directory as the script, the phone number will be displayed along with the name. Please note that this project is an early stage. As such, you could find errors. Use it at your own risk! Whapa is a forensic graphical toolset for analyzing whatsapp in android. All the tools have been written in Python 3.X and have been tested on linux and windows 10 systems. Note: Whapa provides 10x more performance and fewer bugs on linux systems than on windows. Whapa is included as standard in distributions such as Tsurugi Linux (Digital Forensics) and BlackArch Linux (Penetration Testing). Whapa toolset is divided in four tools: Whapa (Whatsapp Parser) Whamerge (Whatsapp Merger) Whagodri (Whataspp Google Drive Extractor) Whacipher (Whatsapp Encryption/Decryption) if you use Linux system: python3 if you use Windows system: python or click on whapa-gui.bat whapa[].zip
  13. hi guys i'm gonna to show you how to exploit whatsapp vulnerability first download zip file and make sure to set the listner ip in exploit.c inorder to get shell nc -lvp 5555 or whatever port and then compile gcc -o exploit egif_lib.c exploit.c then run ./exploit and save the content to .gif and send to victim. Video : CVE-2019-11932[].zip
  14. slaxxer

    Worketic - Market Place for Freelancers

    Thanks for your share, do you know which version is it ?
  15. 4HowCrack

    Aomei Backupper 5.0.0

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  16. Blackhat

    GamePort V1.2 - Video Game Marketplace

    hi yeah ,i will post new version soon
  17. redlinux

    GamePort V1.2 - Video Game Marketplace

    hola amigo ya tendras disponible la ultima version ?
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  21. Blackhat

    GamePort V1.2 - Video Game Marketplace

    Hi there, sorry for mistake and post has been edited i will post last version of Gameport soon
  22. Svetlana

    GamePort V1.2 - Video Game Marketplace

    Hi, do you have any newer versions? The title is somewhat confusing since only the crack of the v1.2 is linked and according to, version 1.6 does not exist.
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